Monday, January 25, 2010

I found another headband

I was scooting around today with this awful migraine and thought about what I could do that wouldn't make my migraine worse...well surfing the net for tutorials wasn't the answer ... but alias my addiction is so bad that I did surf while I have a migraine....dedication I tell is not an addiction if your dedicated and sick...

I found a new headband tutorial that looks like this would be an awesome one for my has elastic in the back so a knot on her neck won't rub wrong and since its just a fancy elastic then it has more stretch to last longer as her noggin gets more HUGE.....

I am going to make this for her this week and post a picture of what I made...I am making an outfit for Ggma's big party in a few weeks so good excuse to make one...yeahhh thats it...LOL....

Please remember that I do not claim rights to this tutorial or give permission to use it and then sell it. Please contact the creator with any questions.

I am going to also have a link where you can download this tutorial if for some reason the URL goes bad I have access for you in another form.

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