Thursday, January 27, 2011

Daughter Update

I started to get worried right after the posting about daughter being sick so I called the doctors office and waited for them to call me back.  Luckily, she called back right away and she told me to come right in that they had an opening for her.

Well we were there within record time....Surprised, why because I wasn't stopped for speeding and I saw no police cars and my oldest was home from morning school and he was asking what I needed and what he should do to help his baby sister......which he normally doesn't do.  I could tell on his face that he was becoming concerned also.

Well, doctor did an oxygen check on her and the numbers were to low.  Then he did a breathing treatment which consists of putting a face mask on a normally wiggly lil 2-1/2 yr old.....not fun...but you could tell something was wrong because she just sat there and let us do it.   Her numbers were rechecked and they didn't move.

He told me he was going to admit my lil girl into the hospital.  Suddenly, the flood gates just opened and I was on the verge of crying.  My daughters ped doesn't put people in hospital or give people an Rx to make mommy and daddy's takes a lot for him to do either...he believes in home remedies and not doping up kids...which I Like......So for him to want to admit her to the hospital is serious.

Well its almost 12 hours since she has been here and we have been having breathing treatments every 2 to 4 hours depending on how she reacts to the previous treatment.  Numbers are improving A LITTLE.....but her breathing is still extremely labored.....which I never knew what that meant till I saw my baby girl having problems.  She is breathing like she is running a marathon....weezing and not keeping fluids down.

When we first arrived they did a blood test and those came back negative/clean so she doesn't have RSV or Influenza.  They then took chest X-ray and she was a trouper.  They said she was the easiest to film all day.  That came back clean.  The Specialist and my daughters Dr. viewed the film and they saw nothing.

I am rambling but I really don't know what else I can I am going to catch up on my blog and be posting a boat load of tutorials to keep my mind off that A) its 1:40 am here and B) I can't sleep because my baby girl and I are in a hospital when she should be at home snoring away in her pink cotton candy colored room.

Thanks for letting me ramble.....


  1. My prayers are with you and little miss! Hugs!

  2. thinking of you and sending love

  3. What a sweetheart! I'll keep her in my thoughts and prayers.