Sunday, March 11, 2012

Not Posting - New Tab And Time4Learning

Oh my  gosh.  I just realized that my posts the last few months were not posting. wonder the emails stopped coming.  They are not even the dashboard where you can look at everything.  I just wanted to post that I will be adding a new section to the blog.  I am going to be talking about e-books for children/education.

So please look at the tabs above and look at the tab called "e-book love" . . . .And hopefully in a month you will see my review on Time4learning.  I applied for a free 30 day trail of the program.  I will be using it this as a summer school and extra during the school year.  The education here is least to be desired.  Especially, now after the new "core" has started.  But that is a subject in itself.

Okay, I have now fixed so when my browser opens it automatically has a tab to my blog to make sure things are posting.  LOL.....  and I want to teach my kids?  LOL...good luck kids...Mommy is even more nutz...

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  1. We have been using Time4Learning off and on for years and love it! We use it for homeschooling but it would also make a wonderful supplement to regular school. I look forward to reading your opinion of the site.