Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I just wanna pinch her creative cheeks...

I love love love this blog...she makes items that are so "prettiful" I give her 5 golf claps and a hug . . . . I have made a lot of items using her simple and easy to use directions and love them...I gave them to my SIL who is due in March . . . and she was oohhhh ahhhhh oooohhhhh

SO I give her a hug and a squeeze...I love your blog and I am a subscriber....yours the one I go to often...

This is a cute and simple decorated onesie that you can give to new mothers and seasoned moms like myself...To bad my mini-me's don't wear onesies anymore but I plan to make a couple of these for my SIL who is about to pop.......

Please remember that I do not claim rights to this tutorial or give permission to use it and then sell it. Please contact the creator with any questions.

I am going to also have a link where you can download this tutorial if for some reason the URL goes bad I have access for you in another form.

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