Monday, February 8, 2010

To clutch or not to clutch that is the question..

So today I was deciding if I should make a diaper clutch for my SIL who is having her first Baby Hank... My guys call new babies this...its halarious...LOL

Anyway I decided to do it for her...I also made a changing pad and a bib for her that matched... The black and white is actually PUL fabric that I purchased from an eBay seller...Can't remember who it was but anyway... And yes I am actually going to show my first attempt at a diaper clutch... I did pretty good for having kids screaming all around me and wanting to help...

I used racing PUL with some sports themed on the inside since they are having a lil Hank (boy)....I really hope she likes it....I wanted something special for my SISTER Sara.....

I used the tutorial from a Diary of A Quilter. I just love her blog...she is a great at what she does....

Please remember that I do not claim rights to this tutorial or give permission to use it and then sell it. Please contact the creator with any questions.

I am going to also have a link where you can download this tutorial if for some reason the URL goes bad I have access for you in another form.

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