Saturday, February 6, 2010

Waiting for kids to ZZZZZzzzzzzz

Well its been a few days since I blogged and I am just not interested in sewing . . . Husband is debating about moving and I am just tired...UGhhh.... its been a long long day.... I went to go look at a house for us. Its awesome and it seems warm and comfy. A lot of nice new stuff in there. I think I can get my husband to let me have the family room for my crafting because it has a huge new living room. And I actually think homes should only have 1 living room. I know that we could rip out the basement (its nice...but) and we could just redo it in a few years and make it one huge play room for the kids....LOL

I know I promised a key chain tutorial in my last post but I can't find it.....and then I turn my browser off and it appears...LOL...

Please remember that I do not claim rights to this tutorial or give permission to use it and then sell it. Please contact the creator with any questions.

I am going to also have a link where you can download this tutorial if for some reason the URL goes bad I have access for you in another form.

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